Follow us into the magic forest! A trall singer tells stories about people and creatures, timeless, everyday stories. Travelling from one village to another he sings melodies without words for dancers. The singing style of trall has been passed on for generations, and today it has gained new popularity because of its diversity. Beginning as Swedish folk music it can be Jazz, Pop and Rock – but everything is possible.

Trallskogen plays original compositions written by the Swedish-German Jazz singer Annika Jonsson inspired by Swedish folk music.


The Trallskogen fairytale “Musiksagan” is in the making. We are looking forward to the premier concert November, 19th 2022.

Photo: Zippo Zimmermann

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No upcoming shows scheduled

Past Shows

25 Oct 2023 Saarbrücken, DE Theater im Viertel TiV Theater im Viertel TiV
15 Jul 2023 Völklingen, DE Vegan Fantasy Fair Vegan Fantasy Fair
21 Jan 2023 Saarbrücken, DE Garelly-Haus Garelly-Haus
07 Oct 2020 Saarbrücken, D Pingusson Building Pingusson Building
06 Jun 2020 Saarbrücken, DE
13 Sep 2019 Saarbrücken, DE Garelly Haus Garelly Haus
11 May 2019 Saarbrücken, DE Theater im Viertel (TiV) Theater im Viertel (TiV)
29 Mar 2019 St. Ingbert, DE Stadthalle St. Ingbert Stadthalle St. Ingbert
12 Oct 2018 Berlin, DE Saarländische Landesvertretung Saarländische Landesvertretung
05 Oct 2018 Saarbrücken, DE Hotel Leidinger Hotel Leidinger
12 Oct 2017 Saarbrücken, DE Alte Feuerwache Alte Feuerwache
27 Feb 2016 Saarbrücken, DE Domicil Leidinger Domicil Leidinger

For booking or any other information, feel free to get in touch with Annika Jonsson.